This is my final version of the hyper project. I am pretty happy with the result. I ended up making it into a “Barns and Noble” advertisment because I thought it would be a good interpretation of what a book company would try to sell. I added shaddows, changed the background color, added some glow and worked on polishing everything up. Every time I look at this project I think that I could improve it a little more, but for now I think it is finished.

Fixed a little bit of the color correction. The book and the Speech bubble were a bit yellow so I made them more white as well as the blacks more defined. I decided to go with the baby background because I feel like its more convincing rather than the group of older children. I feel like I want there to be a little more going on in the pages. Trying to decide whether or not I want to incorperate characters, or just ships.

Starting to search for backgrounds. I think kids looking amazed at the comic book would add some realism and potential symbolism for how kids feel when they read comic books.

The project is starting to take form a little bit now that i have more objects ontop of the book. I am wondering if it would be cool to indroduce a underground bar scene sort of thing under the pages. not sure if I will stick with it or not.

The start of my project. I am getting the basic tools down and my concept is starting to take shape. I want to have all the cartons appear as if they are really popping out of the comic book.

Theme 4: Comic Book Comes to Life

I want to bring to life the average comic book by having an image of the book open (with the images on the pages visable) but with pictures from the comic book poping up and reinacting the scenes over the top of the pages.



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